Textiles at the Crossroads

Midwest Weavers Conference 2017
Textiles at the Crossroads
June 12-17, 2017
Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Midwest Weavers Conference 2017, Textiles at the Crossroads, in Indianapolis, Indiana, opens Monday, June 12, 2017.

For information pertaining to the 2017 conference Textiles at the Crossroads please contact mwc2017.chair@gmail.com

Mary Glenn Rinne and Carol Purdy are coordinating the volunteer efforts for the Midwest Weavers Convention in Indianapolis, June 2017. We want your help! Currently we are compiling a list of individuals willing to volunteer—there are a multitude of opportunities both before and during the conference and pre-conference. Please use our NEW conference volunteer email address to put your name on the list: mwc2017volunteer@gmail.com.

MWC 2017