Class Listing

Day ID Class Name Teacher Subject
FridayFF101The Ultimate Weaver's Basket - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableBev LarsonBasketry
FridayFF102Fundamentals of Ply Split BraidingLouise FrenchBraiding
SaturdaySF208Ply Split Braided VesselsLouise FrenchBraiding
Friday AMFM126KumihimoBetty KirkBraiding
Friday PMFA146KumihimoBetty KirkBraiding
Mon-WedPC401E-Weave DesignMarg CoeDesign
Mon-WedPC404Garment Construction and Finishing Techniques for Handweavers and Other Fiber ArtistsDaryl LancasterDesign
FridayFF112Design - Going Beyond the RecipeSara NordlingDesign
Friday AMFM122E-Weave DesignMarg CoeDesign
Mon-WedPC413Natural Dyeing on CottonEileen HallmanDyeing
SaturdaySF201Painted Warps - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableCarrie MayDyeing
SaturdaySF204Nui ShiboriEileen HallmanDyeing
FridayFF114Nuno Felt Wave Scarf - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableDawn EdwardsFelting
Saturday AMSM230Fabulous Felt Flower FascinatorDawn EdwardsFelting
Saturday PMSA242Fabulous Felt Flower FascinatorDawn EdwardsFelting
Friday AMFM125Tin Thread Necklace - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableKatherine BuengerJewelry
Saturday AMSM221Sami Bracelets - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableKatherine BuengerJewelry
Friday PMFA141Sami-Inspired Bracelets - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableKatherine BuengerJewelry
Saturday AMSM227Handweaver's Dreamland, Lapland to DaislandRita HagenbruchMiscellaneous
Saturday PMSA241Creating Without Pain - Ergonomics for Fiber ArtistsRebecca MezoffMiscellaneous
Saturday PMSA246Taming of the HueRobyn SpadyMiscellaneous
Mon-WedPC405Color and Creativity for SpinnersKate LarsonSpinning
FridayFF104Spinning on the CharkhaEileen HallmanSpinning
FridayFF105Shimmering Silk SpinningHeather WinslowSpinning
FridayFF110Blending Colors at the WheelAmy TylerSpinning
FridayFF111Traditional Wool PreparationMelissa Weaver DunningSpinning
SaturdaySF203Fiber BasicsPat MaleySpinning
SaturdaySF210Creating the Yarn you WantAmy TylerSpinning
Friday AMFM121Beginning Spindle SpinningPat MaleySpinning
Saturday AMSM226Shimmering Silk SpinningHeather WinslowSpinning
Friday PMFA142Spindles Around the WorldPat MaleySpinning
Mon-WedPC402Cutting Loose with Tied WeavesRobyn SpadyWeaving
Mon-WedPC403Tablet Weaving From Around the WorldJohn MullarkeyWeaving
Mon-WedPC406Predicting the Unpredictable: Color in Tapestry - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableRebecca MezoffWeaving
Mon-WedPC407Deflected Doubleweave - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableMadelyn van der HoogtWeaving
Mon-WedPC408Weaving Shimmering SilksHeather WinslowWeaving
Mon-WedPC409Weaving with Handpainted Yarns - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableDiane SmithWeaving
Mon-WedPC409Weaving with Handpainted Yarns - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableCathie ChungWeaving
Mon-WedPC410Crimp and CreateDianne TottenWeaving
Mon-WedPC411Overshot Odyssey - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableRita HagenbruchWeaving
Mon-WedPC412Scottish Weaving SamplerMelissa Weaver DunningWeaving
FridayFF103Understanding BlocksMadelyn van der HoogtWeaving
FridayFF106Tapestry Answers: Do I Want to Be A Tapestry ArtistRebecca MezoffWeaving
FridayFF107Saori Weaving - Discover Yourself Through WeavingChiaki O'BrienWeaving
FridayFF108Be Inspired in Your Cotton Rug WeavingWynne MattilaWeaving
FridayFF109Scarf in a DayRita HagenbruchWeaving
FridayFF113Intro to Fabric AnalysisRobyn SpadyWeaving
SaturdaySF202Inkle Loom WeavingDaryl LancasterWeaving
SaturdaySF2054-8 WeaveMarg CoeWeaving
SaturdaySF206Floating Ribbons Scarf with Supplemental WarpSuanne HalvorsonWeaving
SaturdaySF207Crimp Cloth PrimerDianne TottenWeaving
SaturdaySF209Double Card Double Turn DiagonalsJohn MullarkeyWeaving
SaturdaySF211Be Inspired in Your Cotton Rug WeavingWynne MattilaWeaving
SaturdaySF212Pattern Weaving on a Rigid Heddle LoomConstance HallWeaving
SaturdaySF213Finishing TechniquesBetty KirkWeaving
SaturdaySF214Trapezes and Weights and Whacking - Oh My!Kati MeekWeaving
Friday AMFM123Three Ways to Warp a Rigid Heddle LoomConstance HallWeaving
Friday AMFM124Countermarche Looms for Intermediate WeaversSara von TresckowWeaving
Friday AMFM127Linen: Taming the FlaxDonna HudsonWeaving
Friday AMFM129Great Garments from Handwoven ClothDaryl LancasterWeaving
Saturday AMSM2224 Harnesses Aren't Complex-Au ContraireRobyn SpadyWeaving
Saturday AMSM223Rep Weave: 4 Blocks for Fun - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableDonna HudsonWeaving
Saturday AMSM228Understanding DraftingSara NordlingWeaving
Saturday AMSM229Introduction to Saori Weaving - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableChiaki O'BrienWeaving
Saturday AMSM231Intro to Countermarche LoomsSara von TresckowWeaving
Friday PMFA143Medieval Scandinavian & German Woven TapestriesAnne ReavesWeaving
Friday PMFA144Liturgical Weaving-The Kingdom, The Power & The GloryJohn SalamoneWeaving
Friday PMFA145Pinwheel Scarf on the Rigid Heddle LoomConstance HallWeaving
Friday PMFA147Cone to ClothingDianne TottenWeaving
Friday PMFA148Through the Long Eye of the Heddle or Draw-Loom in a BagKati MeekWeaving
Saturday PMSA243Profile DraftsSara NordlingWeaving
Saturday PMSA244Introduction to Saori WeavingChiaki O'BrienWeaving
Saturday PMSA245Liturgical Weaving-The Kingdom, The Power & The GloryJohn SalamoneWeaving
Saturday PMSA24718th Century Historical Household Textiles - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableMelissa Weaver DunningWeaving