Class Grid

Teacher Preconference Mon-Wed Fri AM Fri PM Sat AM Sat PM
Katherine Buenger FM125-Tin Thread NecklaceFA141-Sami-Inspired BraceletsSM221-Sami Bracelets 
Cathie ChungPC409-Weaving with Handpainted Yarns    
Marg CoePC401-E-Weave DesignFM122-E-Weave Design SF205-4-8 Weave
Melissa Weaver DunningPC412-Scottish Weaving SamplerFF111-Traditional Wool Preparation SA247-18th Century Historical Household Textiles
Dawn Edwards FF114-Nuno Felt Wave ScarfSM230-Fabulous Felt Flower FascinatorSA242-Fabulous Felt Flower Fascinator
Louise French FF102-Fundamentals of Ply Split BraidingSF208-Ply Split Braided Vessels
Rita HagenbruchPC411-Overshot OdysseyFF109-Scarf in a DaySM227-Handweaver's Dreamland, Lapland to Daisland 
Constance Hall FM123-Three Ways to Warp a Rigid Heddle LoomFA145-Pinwheel Scarf on the Rigid Heddle LoomSF212-Pattern Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom
Eileen HallmanPC413-Natural Dyeing on CottonFF104-Spinning on the CharkhaSF204-Nui Shibori
Suanne Halvorson   SF206-Floating Ribbons Scarf with Supplemental Warp
Donna Hudson FM127-Linen: Taming the Flax SM223-Rep Weave: 4 Blocks for Fun 
Betty Kirk FM126-KumihimoFA146-KumihimoSF213-Finishing Techniques
Daryl LancasterPC404-Garment Construction and Finishing Techniques for Handweavers and Other Fiber ArtistsFM129-Great Garments from Handwoven Cloth SF202-Inkle Loom Weaving
Bev Larson FF101-The Ultimate Weaver's Basket  
Kate LarsonPC405-Color and Creativity for Spinners    
Pat Maley FM121-Beginning Spindle SpinningFA142-Spindles Around the WorldSF203-Fiber Basics
Wynne Mattila FF108-Be Inspired in Your Cotton Rug WeavingSF211-Be Inspired in Your Cotton Rug Weaving
Carrie May   SF201-Painted Warps
Kati Meek  FA148-Through the Long Eye of the Heddle or Draw-Loom in a BagSF214-Trapezes and Weights and Whacking - Oh My!
Rebecca MezoffPC406-Predicting the Unpredictable: Color in TapestryFF106-Tapestry Answers: Do I Want to Be A Tapestry Artist SA241-Creating Without Pain - Ergonomics for Fiber Artists
John MullarkeyPC403-Tablet Weaving From Around the World  SF209-Double Card Double Turn Diagonals
Sara Nordling FF112-Design - Going Beyond the RecipeSM228-Understanding DraftingSA243-Profile Drafts
Chiaki O'Brien FF107-Saori Weaving - Discover Yourself Through WeavingSM229-Introduction to Saori WeavingSA244-Introduction to Saori Weaving
Anne Reaves  FA143-Medieval Scandinavian & German Woven Tapestries  
John Salamone  FA144-Liturgical Weaving-The Kingdom, The Power & The Glory SA245-Liturgical Weaving-The Kingdom, The Power & The Glory
Diane SmithPC409-Weaving with Handpainted Yarns    
Robyn SpadyPC402-Cutting Loose with Tied WeavesFF113-Intro to Fabric AnalysisSM222-4 Harnesses Aren't Complex-Au ContraireSA246-Taming of the Hue
Dianne TottenPC410-Crimp and Create FA147-Cone to ClothingSF207-Crimp Cloth Primer
Amy Tyler FF110-Blending Colors at the WheelSF210-Creating the Yarn you Want
Madelyn van der HoogtPC407-Deflected DoubleweaveFF103-Understanding Blocks  
Sara von Tresckow FM124-Countermarche Looms for Intermediate Weavers SM231-Intro to Countermarche Looms 
Heather WinslowPC408-Weaving Shimmering SilksFF105-Shimmering Silk SpinningSM226-Shimmering Silk Spinning